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We live in a hot dry climate, which means without adequate water coverage, your yard will not stay green. That is the reason why you have an irrigation system on your property. Unfortunately, despite the fact that  water is the single most important requirement to keep your yard green, most homeowners do not have their sprinkler system adjusted for the best results.

Landscape irrigation uses 50 percent or more of the water provided by many utilities. A poorly maintained sprinkler system means that much of this water never reaches it’s destination and does not efficiently water your plants.  Maintaining irrigation systems is one of most effective ways to reduce wasted water, and lower monthly water bills.

By keeping your sprinkler system in good working condition you can improve plant health.  By applying the correct amount of water where it can be utilized by the landscape, you will see the benefits of a greener yard; no more dead spots, trees, shrubs and healthier flower beds.

At a minimum, a review of the sprinkler system should be performed annually.

The Basics of Irrigation Maintenance are:

  • Check controller for proper operation, will assist with timer programming if needed based on customer’s specifications.
  • Check electric valves for automatic start & stop
  • Check all sprinkler heads and make repairs as needed
  • Confirm adequate water pressure in all sprinkler zones
  • Visual check drip heads (bubblers)
  • Check water mainline & sprinkler zone lines for any signs of leaks
  • Check the connection on all of sprinkler timer and sprinkler valve wires
  • Replace the controller back-up battery
  • Turn on each zone and look for system damage

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